Nixora Group at the 8th World Chinese Economic Summit "Realising Opportunities, Strengthening Partnerships”

Dr Giovanni Butera, Head of Corporate Strategy and Innovation at Nixora has been invited as a guest speaker at the World Chinese Economic Summit (WCES) in Malacca on 16-17 November 2016, to provide his contribution to the debate “Asian Family Business and Corporate Philanthropy.

The WCES is the world’s leading annual Summit to promote a close link between the global economic and financial community and the Chinese-SE Asia one. It is a platform for business, trading partners and government organisations to create solid relationships at all levels.

Extract from Nixora’s contribution to the “Asian Family Business and Corporate Philanthropy” session of the WCES:

Dr Butera’s contribution aims to provide a modern perspective on why and how philanthropy can bolster growth strategies for Individuals, Family Businesses as well as for Local and International Economies.

Successful entrepreneurs revolutionize the economy by building companies, launching innovations and creating jobs. When they turn to philanthropy, they often utilize the same kind of inventive approach – and they expect to accelerate solutions.

In the past, many philanthropists saw their role as filling in the gaps left by government and by the workings of the economic system. And recently, with jobs in short supply and government budgets feeling the squeeze, their role is more crucial than ever.

However, the future direction and role of corporate philanthropy are diverging from these historical trends. Philanthropy is not only the desire to promote the welfare of others, but nowadays philanthropy is synonymous of linking people, connecting business and support bilateral/multilateral economic growth.

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