Nixora Group ushers in a New Era in the Art of Doing Business

There isn’t anything truly unique about the launch of a new business. Unless of course that new business is about to change how we do business and changing it for the better.

On 2 March 2017, Nixora Group, an IT-driven data intelligence, customer and risk analytics consulting firm, formally introduced itself to Melbourne’s financial institutions, including banks and large corporations.

And it did so in creative fashion. The event took place at the historic Queen’s Warehouse in the Dockland’s precinct, where guests soaked up the atmosphere presented by the Linfox Classic Car Collection, enjoyed exquisite food and jazz music, and were treated to an exhibition of Renaissance-inspired art supplied by the Global Association of International Artists (GAIA).

But what does such fanfare have to do with the world of finance? As conceived by Nixora Group, their mission is the convergence of all manner of data, often seemingly distinct and unruly, yet of an implicate arrangement that enables one to draw parallels and connections for making better business decisions.

The important aspect of such convergent thinking is that it is a creative process. Or dare one say, an artistic one? During the event’s introductions, a connection was made between the interdependent role Renaissance art played in transforming society and the role of today’s data intelligence solutions as a game changer for doing business, and where a new set of rules and insights apply.

Nixora’s managing directors — Dr. Giovanni Butera and Phil Peluso — proposed the concept of embracing business insight, knowledge and, importantly, a focused integration of data that allows for the emergence of effective, prioritised and valuable choices.

Central to the successful application of this concept is partnership. Nixora has forged a close alliance with four of the top players in their respective fields — IBM in financial analytics and customer insight, Moody’s Analytics in risk platform and analytics, ASG Technologiesin data management and Integris in cognitive technology and artificial intelligence.

In collaboration with its partners, Nixora Group is breaking down the silo mentality still prevalent in large corporations. Consider for example that several years ago the IT industry developed software that transformed every other industry in the world. The approach was to have different units specific to different industries, whether it be finance, risk management, customer insight, health, mining, housing, and so on.

But it wasn’t a completely effective approach because there were always two lines of business: the development of software on the one hand, and its implementation on the other. Until now, the two have been historically and intrinsically separate.

Large IT companies work in every industry but it is always difficult to find people who understand IT and also the different industries very well,” explains Dr. Giovanni Butera. “This is where Nixora Group steps in for the finance industry. We are bankers, we are people specialized in finance, specialized in risk analytics, banking customer insight, and who can leverage very relevant solutions for large corporations and financial institutions.”

With an inclusive approach, it seems quite straightforward for IBM, Moody’s, ASG and Integris to delegate to Nixora the business of advisory, the business of implementation, and the business of support and maintenance of their solutions in Australia. That is, everything related to getting the solution implemented in a customized manner,” Dr. Butera said.

At the launch, Steven Dive (Head of Risk and Compliance at IBM), Borna Vodjdani (Global Head of Delivery at Razor Risk) and Lawrence Tso (A&NZ Country Manager for ASG) echoed these very same sentiments, highlighting the importance of specialist partners, of people who know what they are doing, and can deliver great business insights by partnering in the creation of a data-driven and analytics-based decision making process.

As was strongly evident at the launch, perhaps the real advantage for today’s financial institutions and corporations is not so much finding new business, but in seeing their business with new eyes. To be sure, Nixora’s collaboration with IBM, Moody’s, ASG and Integris is a partnership that heralds a new renaissance for financial institutions.

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