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nixora data management and governanceData Management and Governance – DM&G

DM&G consultants understand data and the journey it takes from origin of source, data collection, storage and processing to modelling, analytics and reporting to ultimately provide you with actionable business insight.

DM&G 4 Areas of Expertise Are:

  • Data Governance
    Ownership & Stewardship
  • Data Architecture
    Structure & Hierarchies
  • Metadata Management
    Data Lineage & Glossary
  • Data Delivery
    Reporting & Visualisation


  • Data Strategy & Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Management (Warehousing, Marts)
  • Data Quality and Data Integrity strategy
  • Master & Reference Data Management
  • Data Integration (Data Movements)
  • Data Governance & Organisational Structure
  • Big Data & Data Science (Data Hubs/Lakes)

Nixora partners with ASG Technologies


Nixora partners with ASG Technologies for data management and lineage systems, and with leading on-premise and cloud software providers to help organisations better manage their data.

Artificial intelligence & machine learningArtificial Intel & Machine Learning – AI&ML

Nixora Group provides a comprehensive set of AI and ML applications including: 1 – Cognitive and Analytics platform based on Language Intelligence technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU); 2 – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs; 3 – “Machine-based learning” to evaluate “big data” and potentially fraudulent activities; 4 – AI & ML applications for credit risk models to increase their predictability power.

“Executives who want to get the most out of their companies’ data should understand what ML is, what it can do, and what to watch out for when using it.”

What is it?

“It’s a branch of statistics designed to extract information from the world of big (and wide) data”.

How it works

“It uses statistical techniques to allow computers to “learn” from data, without being explicitly programmed”

Applications in Banking

“Customer services/insight, AML and detection of fraudulent activity, and increasing the accuracy of credit risk models”

nixora risk analytics and advisoryRisk Analytics and Advisory – RA&A

Nixora offers a comprehensive set of Analytic Capabilities coupled with extensive knowledge of Specialised Vendors Solutions. Our RA&A services provide (1) Framework for Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Model Management, (2) Modelling Workbench and Validation Frameworks, (3) Strong competences of Analytics Platforms, and (4) Development of tailored dashboards for Risk Data Reporting and Disclosure.

Risk Data Management

Quality and Integrity of internal and external risk data at exposure level.

Risk Models Performance

Framework for models validation and vendors platform integration.

Risk Reporting Processes

Risk data aggregation and integrated risk model performance reporting.

Risk modelling and Analytics

Model development, validation, risk strategy, model implementation, economic/regulatory capital calculation, stress testing and end-to-end delivery of risk management solutions.

Risk Practice Development

Development of internal Risk Analytics practice vendor solutions evaluation, capability development, knowledge management and specialised training at operational and executive levels.

Risk Management Delivery

Advise and engage in the delivery of a wide range of credit, market and operational risk management analytics initiatives, risk data integrity and model performance.

nixora reporting and visualisationReporting and Visualisation – R&V

Nixora’s R&V Services support financial institutions when data is incomplete or lacking in quality, or when it is spread over numerous, incompatible systems, and each department has its own dashboard with end-user computing applications. Our R&V Services gives management confidence on the accuracy and completeness of results.

Advanced Reporting Solutions & Modern Visualisation Techniques

With the right visualisation and interpretation, Nixora’s R&V help financial institutions gain new insights for improving services, capture new opportunities that data presents at all levels, and address regulatory compliance and business requirements.

Modern Data visualisation techniques make insights come alive. We employ techniques allowing your organisation to communicate complex ideas simply, and create multi-faceted views of data for exploring its every dimension.

So your organisation can respond faster and more effectively, we provide dynamic reports with live data, cross-portfolio visibility, and detailed and aggregated views on multiple dimensions that help identify trends and risks, new opportunities and the degree of compliance with company-wide standards and regulations.

nixora specialised and executive trainingSpecialised and Executive Training

We provide training packages of three, four and five sessions of 40 minutes each (breakfast sessions, lunch sessions and end-of-the-day sessions) designed specifically to apprise executives and senior managers of issues relating to Data Management and Governance, Risk Analytics and Reporting/Visualisation techniques.

Data Management and Governance

This program reveals how executives can use Data Management techniques to produce real business benefits, how Data Management best practices can improve information asset quality and the capability to integrate systems, enhance data analysis, ensure accurate, reliable and meaningful reporting, and avoid common errors that damage the usefulness of data assets.

The sessions cover five main topics, all critical to successful data management:

  • What are data management, data glossary, data lineage and why are they relevant?
  • Common issues such inaccurate reporting, fragmented information and data migration failures
  • Key principles for Data Governance
  • Data Modelling essentials
  • Key trends in Data Science and how these are influencing the future of Banking

Risk Analytics and Reporting/Visualisation

This program provides executives with analytical frameworks, strategies and resources to better understand techniques used to measure, manage and monitor financial risks. It also provides training on how modern Data visualisation techniques create multi-faceted views of data and explore every dimension that make insights come alive.

This includes sessions on:

  • Financial Risk Modelling and Analysis
  • Model Validation and Testing Approaches
  • Risk KPI and performance measurement
  • Modern Data Visualisation Techniques

nixora project management office(pmo)Project Management Office (PMO)

Dynamic, transparent and meticulous, our PMO team has a proven delivery methodology supported by planning ahead, efficient and effective coordinating resources, identifying potential risks and setting realisable goals and timelines. We ensure our client relationships are strengthened through a collaborative and integrated working approach. Nixora Group offers the full range of services required to successfully undertake the project delivery life cycle.

Best Practice Activities:

  • Client Relationship Management
  • Pre-sales priming
  • Strategic Risk Advisory
  • Data Quality Management
  • Business Analysis, Requirements Gathering and Solution Design
  • Risk Platform and Software Implementation
  • Integration Services
  • Project Planning and Management (PMO)
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Testing
  • End-User Training
  • Ongoing Support

Nixora’s Implementation and PMO Team offers:

  • Proven capability in strategic advisory, business consulting, PMO, software implementations and integration
  • Third level expertise in the product line
  • Strong client relationships with key individuals and stakeholders
  • Forward thinking mentality to foster future growth
  • The right attitude for promoting greater business expansion and growth
  • Competitive and efficient implementations
  • Assurance of seamless business continuity from day one

nixora implementation serviceImplementation Services and
Products Knowledge

Nixora Group’s resources have a deep knowledge of the best risk and data platforms and enterprise systems. We drill down into a full spectrum of risk management solutions across the enterprise: from origination to credit, market and operational risk, GRC, surveillance, forensic and data management. This includes systems for data spreading, credit scoring, limit management, counterparty risk, Monte Carlo simulation and, for data, metadata management, data glossary and data lineage.

Our Knowledge of Risk, Analytics and Data Management platforms includes:

  • Fermat CAD
  • Risk Authority (Basel II/III)
  • Risk Origins
  • Sungard EFS
  • Oracle Reveleus (OFSAA)
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • ETL Development
  • Management of Data Adjustments
  • Reporting Configuration
  • Development and integration of customisations
  • Database Performance tuning
  • IBM Infosphere
  • IBM Cognos
  • IBM OpenPages
  • Informatica DQ
  • Ab Initio
  • Web services
  • Web and app development
  • Dashboard development
  • Tableau
  • Qlikview
  • SAS BI
  • ASG Data Intelligence solutions
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle SQL Development
  • Risk Frontier
  • RiskCalc
  • Credit Edge +
  • LossCalc
  • Credit Risk Tracker