White Papers

DATA LINEAGE: Make no “mistake” about it!

Nixora-ASG’s data lineage solution is a masterstroke for ensuring regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Big Data is the “New Black”

Nixora’s Big Data Analytics with ExploraTM for assessing market trends, customer preferences, brand perception, and identifying business critical insights.

Economic and Financial Statistics overhaul

Nixora, together with Moody’s Analytics, addresses how Financial Institutions should approach APRA’s overhaul of EFS and other regulatory reporting requirements.

Nixora Group on Corporate Philanthropy

8th World Chinese Economic Summit. Corporate philanthropy as an effective means for creating community, connecting business and supporting multilateral economic growth.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): What’s in it for Australian organisations?

Nixora Group provides the technology and a structured approach to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A new frontier for risk analytics: Regulatory trends and industry implications

The ability of Financial Institutions to respond holistically to regulation with fully automated solutions will define the leaders of tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Financial Institutions

Leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and ML is the key to extracting real value from big data infrastructure and generating enormous cost savings.

The Magic of Data Lineage

Nixora, together with Axiom have explored how the regulatory challenges of tracking data lineage have actually turned regulatory data into a wealth of quality information that can drive growth and create business value.

The Pandemic Transformation

Nixora Group’s “Pandemic Transformation” details how Nixora implemented a continuity plan that helped the team in dealing with the immediate impacts of the pandemic and transformation of our business in positive ways.