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Nixora Group, in partnership with ServiceNow, specialises in risk management systems implementation and consulting. 

Our offering includes the innovative Control Assurance app, utilizing our extensive expertise to provide first and second-line risk capabilities to perform comprehensive control testing, whilst providing valuable insights into control effectiveness.

Control Assurance empowers your organization with advanced strategies, positioning your business for success in a complex global environment.

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What is Control Assurance?

Control Assurance encompasses the systematic and ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of internal controls in meeting regulatory requirements and mitigating operational risks. However, these activities often rely on disparate spreadsheets, leading to issues in consistency and a lack of insights into control effectiveness.

With Control Assurance, standards for testing can be set at an enterprise level by Enterprise Risk, executed efficiently by control testing teams — providing management with valuable insights into control effectiveness. 

We are committed to enhancing your risk practices with tailored, cutting-edge technologies that safeguard operations and ensure compliance.

Key Features of the Control Assurance App include:

Cut costs while you improve risk and compliance outcomes

Our app streamlines control testing processes throughout your organization. It simplifies complex workflows, provides actionable insights, and allows for proactive risk mitigation, transforming how you manage business challenges efficiently and effectively.

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